November - December 2018


Solo Project


Experience design,

Physical computing,

Interaction Design


Concept, Research, Design, Coding,

Model-making, Video Making


Arduino, Processing,

laser cutting,

Ps, Ai, Ae

01 Design Overview


SHADOW is an interactive game with both digital and physical interface. In SHADOW, users use simple 4 hand shadow (bird, crab, dog and goose head) controlling virtual animal characters to help them in a journey. Every level has a simple task. 

SHADOW is a game allows people to create hand shadow and bring life to it, can be fully immersed with whole body and be absorbed in a open storyline, enjoy a free experience that allows users to interact with anything, activate imagination and accept multisensory interactions.

02 Problem:

Why don't we enjoy hand shadow anymore when grown up?

Then, why do we no longer love it ?

Overall, the primary hand shadow experience is plain, with only input of hands and output for simply black-and-white shapes. No surprise it would lose the grown up users.


To drag the grown ups back, I decided to design a game experience with multiple inputs and outputs to add more fun to the experience.

Hand shadow was a game my mom used to play with me before sleep when I'm 6. We lied down on bed and raised our hands, We had fun with the shadow projected on the old curtain. It was beautiful.

After I grew up, playing hand shadow is not fun anymore. This prompted me to think about how to raised adults' attention for hand shadow again.

First, why would children love hand shadow in the first place?

Yes, playing hand shadow is such a free and immersive experience that allows you to fully control your imagination, create lively instead static images simply by hands, combine with anything and become a new object.


03 Game Storyboard

I chose 4 simple hand shadow gestures to be the main inputs of the game: bird, crab, dog, and goose head.

I drew game storyboard to indicate full game experience.

3rd Round: Wake that pig up

04 Technical Process


05 Visual Design


06 Reflection

Experience Design : I'm glad that people are immersed in the hand shadow experience, and 'shadow interacts with two lights' surprises them. And new ways to interact with had shadow makes the whole experience different with other standard hand shadow games.

Moving Forward : I hope I can code the game out for more people engaging with the game.






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