Poop with POORO, poop with delight!


February - March 2019


Solo project


Product designer, UX researcher, UI&UX designer, Motion designer


Sketch, Illustrator,

After Effect

01 Design Overview

POORO is poop diary designed to assist people keep inspecting poo to be healthier.

Most people are so busy at work and school that they ignore early disease signals inside poo which leads to serious intestine disease. Some people understand poo tells body health condition, but they can't exactly read. Some can read but can't persist.

How could design address the motivation of frequently inspecting poo and leverage effective behavior change model to develop a service that assist people build poo literacy?


02 Research — Why don't you inspect poo?

When I was a junior student, I worked 15 hours on preparing portfolio for applying graduate programs. No doubt I ate takeaway food everyday every meal with few amount of exercise, which led to bad intestine health condition. I knew it's bad, but I have no idea why and how to improve it.

This prompted me to  start user interview with 17 students in CAA.  No surprise that they noticed poo changes (color, shape etc), they don't understand why and how to address. And they ignored all once they stepped out bathroom.


03 Ideation

Research Insight — "Poo is gross and hard to read"

Poo information is important for health, people are ignoring it mostly because the content is disgusting, and it's hard to read.

Moreover, inspecting it everyday repetitively is rather boring.


How might we create acceptable figure for poo information and poo knowledge to prompt users inspect and record poo?


Design an interesting & manageable & useful application with gamify experience to assist in observing poo and providing feasible solutions.

Besides, creating cute illustrations and names for poo and design novel interactions are for reducing uncomfortable feelings towards poo.


04 Design Context


Based on the interviews and observation with the target group, students at CAA, I built persona to guide my future iterations.

User Journey Map

To understand thoroughly about the barriers people encountered when they decided to inspect poo, I had mapped out the user journey which helped us come up with clear user scenarios that we could then take and design for.


For gamify experience, I designed interesting interactions to engage people more.

User Interface Flow

'Poo Gallery', 'Poo Diary' and 'Poo Calendar' are three main panels in POORO app. The names create a feeling of collecting art pieces are meant to reduce uncomfortable feelings for poo.

Poo Gallery is the landing page to create a new Poo diary.

Poo Diary is where users can record poo form, color and smell with evaluation feedbacks of poo report and lifestyle suggestions.

Poo Calendar is where archives previous poo reports.

Poo Report & Lifestyle Suggestions Database


05 Prototype


I mapped out the app pages to figure out how each paint point could be addressed through different user flow and at the same time be integrated into a simple and intuitive structure.

High Fidelity UI

I use clean, bright and warm colors to create acceptable poo figure for people.

Motion Design

I add smooth motion feedbacks to reduce uncomfortable feelings for poo.


06 Reflection

User Research

I'm glad I get deep understanding of the design content - Intestine Health. However, most of the research is second hand research about intestine health professional knowledge.

Next time I should get more closer to real users. 

App Design

With goals of reducing uncomfortable feelings for poo, I created cute poo figure and environment elements for shaping poo, the final design is different from a standard health app. Though, most people evaluated this as 'cute poo app', I got few feedbacks that gamify process might take quite long time and be boring and complex after first several uses.

Moving Forward

Refine user experience: To simplify the whole process,  I decided to design a feature that predicts and asks 'Use last poo information for today?' to save time for returning users.






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